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Who is this for?

Marketing, sales and finance teams who wants to learn the basics and potential of value-based pricing

What kind of questions this will cover?

Some examples of questions your team can ask:

  • What is value-based pricing?

  • What are the advantages of value-based pricing over conventional methods?

  • What are the different sources of pricing data/information?

  • What are the tools and techniques available to optimise price?

  • What pricing models are relevant to my industry?


Who is this for?

Start-up and bootstrapped businesses who know the power of value-based pricing and need guidance to kick-start the monetisation journey

What kind of questions this can cover?

  • Which pricing model/metric is best for my business?

  • Which approach should we take to optimise our package structure and price?

  • Which data source should we use to develop our pricing strategy?

What is the expected outcome?

  • Recommendation of right pricing model/metric

  • Concrete plan of action to develop pricing strategy


Who is this for?

Established and scaling businesses with one or many of these conditions:

  • Price is not revised in last 2-3 years or since the product launch

  • All the features/functionalities are included in one standard package

  • New features/functionalities were introduced without monetising them

  • There is no standard discounting rule

What kind of business questions this can cover?

Some examples of business questions that can be covered in the engagement:

  • Which pricing model/metric is best for my business?

  • How many product tiers should we introduce?

  • How should we differentiate the product tiers?

  • Which features/functionalities should be the add-ons?

  • What is/are the optimal price level(s) to maximise sales/margin?

  • What should be the discount based on customer segment or contract length?

  • How should we roll out the new pricing?


What is the expected outcome?

Possible deliverables:

  • Packaging and pricing simulator

  • Packaging and pricing recommendation

  • Price calculator based on multiple inputs

  • Discounting rule

  • New packaging and pricing execution support

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