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Our Story

Nihit Ningthoujam

Right after graduating from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi in 2013, Nihit got exposed to pricing at an analytics consulting company based in India.


After a brief experience in India, Nihit decided to pursue MSc. in Management at ESSEC Business School, Paris to specialise further in pricing. While gaining pedagogical training in pricing at ESSEC, Nihit collaborated as an independent consultant with global consulting companies specialising in pricing to support their consulting engagements.


Based on these pricing engagements as an independent consultant, Nihit realised that the pricing practice has two major gaps. Firstly, there is a gap in analytical knowhow to holistically integrate different sources of information (historical data, market/customer insights and internal intelligence) to quantify product values. And secondly, there is gap to flawlessly execute the newly developed pricing strategies. To bridge these gaps, Nihit founded Pricing Stratz in 2017 upon his graduation from ESSEC Business School.


Since 2017, Nihit has helped more than 30 businesses realise their monetisation potential by developing and implementing value-based pricing strategy. Although 60% of his clients are in SaaS sector (B2B & B2C), Nihit has also delivered projects across consumer goods, pharmaceuticals and automotive sectors.

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