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Competitive intelligence

Competitive intelligence empowers strategic pricing & packaging decisions. Pricing data of the competitors is one of the backbones of a well-crafted pricing strategy. However, there are two key challenges associated with gathering of pricing data depending on the business model:


  1. B2C: The primary challenge of collecting competitors' data for B2C businesses is the data volume due to large number of SKUs.

  2. B2B: The pricing data for B2B players are not transparent. Even if some might publish their list price, the discount rules are opaque.

For most of the projects, Pricing Stratz utilises competitive intelligence among other data to develop value-based pricing strategy. In the few cases where the client do not possess sufficient competitive intelligence, Pricing Stratz leverages a mix of the following tools to gather competitors data:

  • Web scraping (mainly B2C): Gathering of pricing data of large SKUs from different online channels by leveraging technology 

  • Automation (both B2B and B2C): Automated monitoring of competitors prices on a custom dashboard

  • Mystery shopping (both B2B and B2C): Collection of pricing information by going through the whole sales process with key competitors

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We are based in Dubai with clients in the US, Canada, UK and France

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