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Price setting

Price setting is a sophisticated science involving plotting of accurate price elasticity curve, computation of cross-elasticity effects and definition of standardised discounting rules.

Price setting generally requires five steps:

  • Step 1: Evaluation of data/information availability and bridging of data gaps

  • Step 2: Definition of segments/groups and overall granularity level at which price needs to be set

  • Step 3: Application of analytics to compute price elasticity or price acceptance

  • Step 4: Optimisation of price to maximise sales or contribution margin

  • Step 5: Definition of discounting rules and guardrails for sales team

To help businesses optimise price, Pricing Stratz possesses the in-depth know-how to:

  • Bridge any data/information gaps

  • Apply basic and advanced analytics to optimise price

  • Test the new price(s) with real customers and/or prospects

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We are based in Dubai with clients in the US, Canada, UK and France

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