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Pricing research

Pricing research is conducted to -

  • Bridge information gaps:  sparse or incomplete transaction/POS data

  • Explore the unknown: stress test price acceptance, pricing for new feature, new product and/or newmarket

  • Predict future willingness to pay: and not historical WTP

Pricing Stratz possesses the in-depth expertise across the entire range of pricing research methods. For each project involving research, Pricing Stratz tailors an approach based on a mix of the following methods depending on the sector, product/service, context and objectives to derive pragmatic value-based pricing strategy with predictable impact on volume, sales and/or margin -

  • Qualitative research including in-depth interviews and focus groups

  • Conjoint analysis including Menu-Based Choice Modelling (MBC)

  • Van Westendorp Analysis

  • Gabor-Granger Analysis

  • Brand-Price Trade-Off (BPTO)

  • Monadic Price Test

  • In-market Price Test

Case Studies

Contact Information

We are based in Dubai with clients in the US, Canada, UK and France

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