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AI is the “talk of the town” and everyone wants to use it to improve pricing! However, most people don’t know how to do this and, most importantly, how well it works in practice.

During our 1-hour webinar, you’ll learn HOW TO:

  • AI & Pricing: Use Predictive AI to improve your pricing and boost your sales performance even x-fold

  • Impact of external factors: Incorporate the impact of the macro and market environment

  • Accuracy assessment: Evaluate the accuracy of AI-enabled price predictive insights

  • Business impact assessment: Estimate the impact on your sales performance and profitability

Our webinar includes two real-life customer cases from our past experience in AI & Pricing, indicating how well this works in practice!


More specifically, the webinar covers the following key topics:

Popular AI tools that you can use in pricing

  • Predictive AI

  • AI-Powered Conjoint analysis

Key evaluation methods and metrics

  • In & Out of sample testing

  • Price experiments

  • Performance monitoring

  • Testing before and after the launch of your new pricing

  • Performance & error KPIs

Benefit benchmarks for important KPIs

  • Revenue

  • Profits & Profitability

  • Win rates

Request access to learn more about using AI in Pricing strategies and how it helps you boost your sales performance and profitability even x-fold!

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