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Packaging (Product Optimisation)

Price setting, product optimisation and packaging are intricately linked because product and packages derive value, and value derives price. A solid packaging and product optimisation with a clear upselling path and use cases is backed by data across adoption rate, usage level, perceived valueexclusivity (without competitors) and apt cost allocation of individual features.


Pricing Stratz possesses the in-depth know-how to:

  1. Acquire the afore-mentioned data

  2. Apply advanced analytics to segment customers and to measure interactions among the features

  3. Define a clear positioning of the individual packages (or products) in the competitive landscape

  4. Create a winning packaging (or product) structure that would maximise gross margin

  5. Test the packaging (or product) structure with real customers and/or prospects


Case Studies

Contact Information

We are based in Dubai with clients in the US, Canada, UK and France

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